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The Barcode Reaches its 60th Birthday

10 Jan 2013

There are now more than five million individual barcodes in use around the world, according to regulator GS1 UK. Sunday, 7 October is the 60th anniversary of the barcode patent, filed in the US in 1952. However the distinctive black-and-white stripes did not make their first appearance in an American shop until 1974 – because

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Round Up of 2012

31 Dec 2012

As we are fast approaching the end of another year we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who helped make another successful year at A1 Solutions possible. In this current economic climate with so many companies not making it to the end of the year we are extremely thankful

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Inventor of the Barcode Dies aged 91

10 Dec 2012

Norman Joseph Woodland, who co-created the barcode, has died at his New Jersey home at the age of 91. Woodland worked with university classmate Bernard Silver to create the now ubiquitous thick-and-thin-line system in the 1940s. The system was patented in the US in 1952, a patent that was later sold for just $15,000 (£9,300).

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