EU Food Allergen Labelling

Printing Labels that comply with EU Regulation N° 1169/2011

From the 13th December 2014 all European Nutrition labels must list and identify potential allergens in accordance with EU Regulation N° 1169/2011. This regulation helps customers make informed decisions about the ingredients and nutrition of the food and drink they consume. Food manufacturers, business food operators and distributors must clearly mark and emphasise all allergens in the ingredients list.

At A1 Solutions we have been a proud Reseller of Bartender Software from Seagull Scientific for many years. Now using your Bartender SoftwareView Page we are able to supply a template that will enable you to meet these food labelling requirements and produce compliant labels.

Key Features of the Bartender EU Allergen Template

  • Fully Customisable
  • Automated emphasis and formatting of allergens in your ingredient list
  • Customisable list of allergens, allowing easy modification should the regulation be updated
  • Simple design
  • Seagull Technical Support

To run this Allergen Template you need Version 10.1 or above of Bartender. Click here to learn more about Bartender.

For more information or to find out some more about Bartender Software please give us a call on 028 9060 0009.