Toshiba TEC Hospitals

Toshiba TEC has worked alongside the NHS to create an industry leading mobile printing solution as part of its pharmacy and dispensary operation. This mobile printing solution enhances ward based clinical services such as medicines management and electronic prescribing.

The compact and rugged four-inch Toshiba EP4 is perfect for a use as part of a mobile pharmacy, providing wireless functionality and reliability on the move. It quickly produces high quality, accurate labels, with the flexibility of many different label sizes so and less time is spent labelling each product.

As well as allowing staff to spend their time more effectively, the Toshiba EP4s also have benefits for patients by improving access to their medicines, allowing them to get immediate answers to questions they might have, shortening waiting times, as well as facilitating a quicker discharge process.

Click here to watch the Case Study video on the Mobile Pharmacy

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