Zebra Printer Repair

Has your printer stopped working? 

At A1 Solutions we specialise in Zebra Printer Repair throughout Ireland. We have manufacturer trained and accredited engineers to repair thermal transfer printers including Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Toshiba TEC to name a few.

Whether your thermal printer just needs a replacement platen roller or printhead or has completely stopped working our engineer will have your printer up and running again in no time.

We carry out the repairs on site at your premises to help reduce the downtime to your business. You can also bring your printer to our premises to have it looked at by one of our engineers.

Below are some commonly reported faults which are very easy to fix:

  • Blocked media sensor – this is a result of labels or ribbons covering the sensors needed to detect the media being printed on. Always check your sensors are clear.
  • Incorrect print settings – is your printer set to thermal transfer when you are trying to print on a direct thermal label? If so this will give you a “ribbon out” error. Depending on what way your printer is set up this can either be resolved through the front panel of your printer or directly through your software ie. Bartender.
  • Media loaded incorrectly – are your labels and ribbons loaded through the correct path. If your labels and ribbons aren’t fed through the correct paths your labels will not print.
  • Are you printing to the correct printer? This fault can happen if you have multiple printers on site. Double check you are sending your print command to the correct printer.
  • My print is too light – try increasing the darkness on your printer settings or through your software.
  • No power – is your printer plugged in and turned on? Is the USB or ethernet cable plugged in?
  • My label is printing half way down the label – this can happen in older models of printers which don’t have an automatic calibration. Try doing a manual calibration of your printer – here is a video from Zebra on how to manually calibrate a ZT230 printer:

All of the above are some quick fixes that you can try if you want to eliminate some possible errors.

Zebra Repair Specialist

Zebra Repair Specialist

A1 Solutions are an accredited Zebra Printer Repair Specialist. We supply and fit quality Zebra genuine parts with our Zebra accredited engineer. From replacing a platen roller or printhead right through to replacing main boards and sensors, we will have your Zebra printer as good as new in no time.

Check out the Zebra online support community here for common fault finding and helpful tips on getting the most out of your Zebra products.


It is also worth noting that Zebra are currently running a “Trade Up Programme” so if your printer needs replaced you can get a heavily discounted New Zebra Printer by Trading Up. Check out some of the new Zebra printers on our site 


Label Printer Repairs from A1 Solutions

Label Printer Breakdown – we offer a same day label printer repair by either repairing your printer on site or by offering a loan printer until we get your printer up and running again.

Routine Printer Service – If your printer only needs a quick health check to keep it running smoothly we can offer an on site service where will inspect your printer, give the printer, sensors and media path a clean and also recommend any work if any the printer requires.

Service Contracts – A1 Solutions offer full bespoke Service Contracts to meet your needs to keep your printers fully operational. This can include parts stock, swap out loan printers, same day call out guarantees and much more. Get in touch for an onsite inspection to see what we can offer.

What label printers do we fix?

We can fix most makes of thermal transfer printers. Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced with thermal printers and we offer reasonable rates.

We are partners with:

Zebra – A1 Solutions are part of the Zebra Partner Programme and through our Zebra Authorized Service Partner engineer we are experts in providing parts and repairing Zebra printers.

Sato – We are a Sato partner and can offer genuine Sato parts with expert engineering.

Toshiba TEC – A1 Solutions are official resellers for Toshiba TEC printers in Northern Ireland and can offer parts and servicing for any printers in their range.

Label Applicator Repair and Installation – We can repair and install Applicators and Print and Apply systems.

To arrange a repair or get pricing on spare parts call us on 028 9060 0009 or email us info@a1solutionsni.co.uk