Get ready for Natasha’s Law with A1 Solutions

18 May 2021

Natasha’s Law comes into effect on 1st October 2021 which means that all prepacked or Pre Packed for Direct Sale (PPDS) must have detailed labels with full ingredients list and all allergens clearly highlighted.

Natasha’s Law will give greater transparency to the ingredients in pre packed and grab and go food.

We along with Allergen Intelligence have developed a solution enable you to print fully compliant allergen and nutrition labels.

Allergen Intelligence integrates into existing databases or spreadsheets containing your ingredients. Ingredients call also be added easily to existing databases.

Allergen Intelligence also has a recipe builder feature which allows you to build recipes you may use all the time and allows for quick printing.

Allergen Intelligence dashboard

Allergen Intelligence makes food labelling easy.

At A1 Solutions we have developed a stand alone system which can not only sit on a deli counter, butchery counter or any food preparation site but can also integrated into existing systems such as butchery scales.

Our system consists of:

  • Kitchen grade touch screen computer with Allergen Intelligence
  • Zebra label printer
  • Labels


It is very easy to use and you can easily add ingredients, build recipes, create daily specials or make orders on the fly from your list of ingredients.

For more information on Allergen Intelligence click here

We will have a video coming soon on how simple Allergen Intelligence is to use but until then you can find out about Natasha’s Law on this YouTube Video

For more information, pricing or to arrange a demo of Allergen Intelligence get in touch with us on 028 9060009 or email us

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